Bannergate: Cops bungle over wankers


BREAKING NEWS: Cops don’t know…

This is getting dafter and dafter: (from the Police. They typed it all by themselves).

Mr (x), I have been asked to contact you to explain that we will not be reporting the destruction of your banner as a crime. The property store have mistakenly destroyed the banner, and so there is no criminal intent. As has been explained to you by PC Reihill you can continue to make a complaint, and I have included how to do this below.

Go on line and complete a form:

If you wish to write a letter, the correct postal address is: Complaints, 22nd Floor, Empress State Building, Lillie Road, London SW6 1TR

You can also call 101 and ask to make a complaint.
Custody number 01HT/1355/15 refers.
Caroline HAYDEN 24HT
Police Sergeant | ERT 5
Limehouse Police Station

Statement via Class War, London Brigade:


The CPS were forced to drop a case against a demonstrator holding an allegedly offensive Class War banner this week when it was revealed the police had destroyed the banner.

The banner containing the images of the four UK party leaders at the last election with an offensive description had been held at Bethnal Green police station for almost a year. After the case was dropped by the CPS days before going to court Class War were told by the officer in charge Rory Reihill that the banner had been mistakenly destroyed in August.


A Class War spokesman said ‘the banner was out of date anyway as it had Clegg and Milliband on it but we would appreciate the return of our Ramsey McDonald one’.

He added ‘Willful destruction of their own evidence is unusual but nevertheless a serious criminal offence and we understand an enquiry is underway which we hope will result in the full majesty of the law being invoked. The police are acting like property is theft’.

< ends

Background on this shambles here


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