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There is a class war waging and we are losing it. The rich are getting richer and the gilded elite who have ruled us since Norman times remain in power and dominate land ownership just as they did when they first robbed it.

We live in a feudal society dominated by an oligarchy of privately and Oxbridge educated toffs who run not just the government, banks, diplomacy but the media, music, comedy and the Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition.

We don’t want to kick the Tories out to replace them with Labour or any variety of failed Trots.

We don’t want to kick them out at all – we want to kick them in!

Started in 1982 CLASS WAR was first a combative, funny, populist anarchist newspaper, then mutated into a similar political organisation.

Join in. Reject cynicism. Life’s more fun with Class War!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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@IWGB_CLB and @UVWunion, tweet #UBEREATSstrike

UberEats: Reinstate Imran! 8-10am 30 August, Join us on the streets! Black Swan Yard, London, SE13

#UberEatsSTRIKE - Join us on the streets! Meet at Uber offfices, Black Swan Yard, London SE13, 8am-10am, Tuesday 30th August ...
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uber eats

The restaurant flash mobs will go on until @UberEATS pays a minimum of the #londonlivingwage to its couriers & stops victimising riders!

Negotiations were attempted today between couriers and management, resulting in one of the negotiators being "deactivated" from the Uber network ...
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uber eats

UberEATS wildcat strike for London #LivingWage, Friday 26 August

from United Voices of the World the union ***BREAKING NEWS*** UberEATS COURIERS STRIKE FOR LONDON LIVING WAGE Friday 26 August ...
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Gallery: Boris, May and other back-stabbing “friends”

UPDATE 15 AUGUST 2016: Boris Johnson has been left in charge of the UK while Therese May goes on an ...
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Gallery: Life’s more fun with Class War

You can follow the herd. You can carry a mass-produced placard with a useless balsa stick attached. You can march ...
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Martin Wright: RednBlackTelly

Martin Wright: RednBlackTelly on Youtube

Each week, Class War's Martin Wright delivers his unique opinions on the world we live in today, via YouTube. Topics ...
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