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Rest In Power, anarchist Michael Israel, killed fighting ‘Islamic State’ fascists in Rojava


Rest In Power, anarchist Michael Israel, killed fighting ‘Islamic State’ fascists in Rojava
Anarchist comrade and member of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) Michael Israel from the US has been killed in action fighting alongside YPG / YPJ forces against ‘Islamic State’ fascists in Rojava, Northern Syria. Full details of the circumstances surrounding the comrades death have not been released yet…


“Unproductives” demonstration against the architect of social cleansing fascism, 1pm 30 November EC1R 0BQ



1pm on Wednesday 30 November 2016 @ Zaha Hadid Architects, 10 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R 0BQ London

BRING POSTERS, BANNERS! Architect Patrik Schumacher wants to get rid of all affordable housing and remove the “unproductive” from London. Let’s show him on Wednesday just what us “Unproductives” think about that!

This is PATRIK SCHUMACHER, director of Zaha Hadid Architects, hater of the working class, and social cleansing denier. And here’s what he had to say recently about who ‘deserves’ to live in London, in which he uses photos from an action against social cleansing that some of us did outside a posh prize-giving at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

His message is clear: the rich want London’s council estates and they don’t give a shit about what they have to do to the working class to get them. (more…)

Fuck Farage, Overthrow the Elite! 5th December, Whitehall



‘Without violent confrontation with the forces of the state the working class will never break through the deadly, stultifying condition which enmeshes it today. The class becomes decadent without class violence.

Without a willingness to confront and attack capitalism physically the state, authority, institutions will continue to flourish.

This will mean the subordination of every individual not part of the ruling class to every facet of the system’

More info tba…

Class War anarchist rally celebrates victory against fascism at Cable Street, 9 October



London, UK. 9th October 2016: Class War felt that the official celebration was failing to reflect the spontaneous and anarchist nature of of the Battle of Cable Street.

They see too many of the speakers representing organisations which had opposed popular resistance on the streets and feel it inappropriate that a march celebrating an event where the people took over the street should walk tamely along the pavements and a cycle lane rather than on the street. We decided to hold an alternative rally in front of the Cable Street mural with local resident Martin Wright giving an address. (more…)

Fighting fascism in 1936, fighting fascism now! 80 years since the Battle of Cable Street, 9 October



For years anarchists have been excluded from speaking at major rallies by labourites and leftists. Having seen the highlights of the speakers for CABLE STREET, Class War has decided to hold our own rally at the mural. Speakers include MARTIN WRIGHT, veteran of the battle of Lewisham and local resident.

We ask all anarchists and other comrades to gather round and support our rally. Other speakers will be welcome. SMASH FASCISM SMASH THE STATE! (more…)

Black Lives Matter more than Boris: Class War supporting #BLM across UK, Friday 5 August



Boris Johnson is away causing trouble on an undeserved holiday, so Class War decided to cancel their well-planned march on Boris Johnson’s house on Friday 5th August and to instead contribute to #ShutDown #BlackLivesMatter actions across the UK that day.

While we despise Boris, it is more important right now that we show how much #BlackLivesMatter, so we will see you for widespread #ShutDown any time, any place, Friday 5th August 2016

After the Brexit Referendum, Defend Migrant Rights! Altab Ali Park London E1, 6pm 24 June

UPDATE: Great demo last Friday. A few too many speeches before headed off for my liking, but this one from Sisters Uncut was well worth the wait. She had the crowd all ready to roll! Speakers from Sisters Uncut at demonstration for Migrant Rights, Altab Ali Park east London. 24th June 2016.