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Fuck Farage, Overthrow the Elite! 5th December, Whitehall



‘Without violent confrontation with the forces of the state the working class will never break through the deadly, stultifying condition which enmeshes it today. The class becomes decadent without class violence.

Without a willingness to confront and attack capitalism physically the state, authority, institutions will continue to flourish.

This will mean the subordination of every individual not part of the ruling class to every facet of the system’

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“Fucking Wankers” banner prosecution dismissed as cops prove they are cunts again

Fucking Wankers banner

A student arrested for waving a banner calling politicians “wankers” has been let off as prosecutors dropped a case against him on the eve of his day in court. Adam Barr, 24, who studies at the SOAS in London, was arrested by Tower Hamlets police last April for holding a banner with pictures of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage and the words “All Fucking Wankers”…


The Labour Party, Class War and Ruling Class Fear

november 2015

Watching the Labour Party tear itself apart over a tweet or two is excellent entertainment. The right of the party is reeling from the rise of the Corbynistas and the left are desperately trying to keep control of the party machinery when their MP’s are hostile to change. At the moment Ed Miliband is best remembered for the craze of Milifandom, eating bacon sandwiches really uncomfortably and that Ten Commandments monolith with his already forgotten promises carved in stone. (more…)

Texan Billionaire Friend of Royalty Targets Class War

11035686_1709846649242805_2778272594580546354_oLisa Mckenzie, Class War’s former parliamentary candidate for Iain Duncan Smith’s Chingford seat, was today charged with three public order offences for allegedly causing offence to a Texan property tycoon and friend of Prince Harry.

Lisa was arrested by Bethnal Green police on 2 April for allegedly putting a sticker on a window at One Commercial Street and holding up a poster of a graveyard with the slogan “We have found homes for the rich” – a poster that has been used by Class War for over 30 years. The offences were alleged to have taken place on 19 March. The garbled charge sheet was riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

One Commercial Street, which is owned by 29-year-old billionaire socialite Taylor McWilliams, has been the focus of a long-standing “Poor Doors” against social segregation in housing. McWilliams bought the building from Redrow late last year.

In the weeks before charging her, police made numerous visits to her home and frequently changed her bail date, which has resulting in serious disruption to her work as an LSE academic.

She said: “This is a clear attempt to stop protests against the social cleansing of London. Billionaire property developers exercising their muscle through the metropolitan police to stop and silence those of us who fight against social cleansing and social apartheid.” (more…)

Fuck the Vote! Prepare for Class War!

11113124_1438315379816755_3568006743573948740_nVote or don’t vote or spoil your ballot paper, it will make no difference. Politicians will sell you and take you for their personal power. Elections are just a choice between spokesmen of the rich. We don’t have to settle for it. We’ve got to get rid of the rich!

Class War candidate for Michael Fabricant’s safe Tory Lichfield seat, Andy Bennetts, said: “We’re having more of a pantomime than an election, where career minded politicos try to make a good impression with their party in the hope of being selected to fight a seat they have a chance of winning in the future.

“No one is contesting this election to win. Not even us. This election is a lot of bollocks. Don’t vote – it is a waste of time.”

Class War took to the streets on May Day, sweeping through the citadel of class exploitation: the City of London. The police could not contain the Fuck Parade mob. Hundreds of class warriors closed down Commercial Street, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and marched to the squats of Soho, where the battle rages against gentrification.

The City was brought to a standstill. It didn’t need party bureaucracies and vanguards. It was just the will of the raging mass.

The streets are our ballot box. The mob are our votes. Our class is our party.

Get out. There will be no Government on Friday. It’s ours. Let’s take it.

Class War is supporting a post-election action by London Black Revs. In a statement, LBR says: “The polls suggest a hung parliament; where no party wins a majority of seats. If so there will be a scramble for power, with the Tories and Labour trying to cobble together enough MPs from different parties to form a government. If they call a legitimate government, they will force through the worst cuts since the Second World War.

“We think the Tories and Labour sing from the same song sheet; with the difference between austerity and austerity-lite being nowhere near enough. When no-one represents us, we must take to the streets.”

Polling Day HQ & Battlebus
Conservative Campaign Headquarters
4 Matthew Parker St, Westminster
London SW1H 9HQ – Map;

BBC: Class War “sounds like trouble” – Andrew Neil


Class War made television history today with Adam Clifford’s interview on the BBC’s flagship Daily Politics programme, providing the only working class revolutionary voice in an otherwise boring election campaign.

Interviewed by Andrew Neil, Adam drew attention to the “hyper-gentrification” of London and called on the “mob to rise up” against their masters. Would it be violent? You bet it would!

He added: “I embrace working class culture and I think that we’re great. Working class people know that they’re basically slaves. So let the people rise! I don’t know if they’ll be violent.”

A befuddled Stanley Johnson, dad of London mayor Boris Johnson, voiced his agreement for the abolition of public schools and went on to admire Adam’s red dress.

Adam will attempt to canvass Buckingham Palace, which is in his constituency, on Wednesday at midday at the launch of Class War’s election manifesto.


Check the Calendar for upcoming events, see Class War messing about on Facebook here, or on Twitter here @ClassWar2015


davidpeel…Then Labour don’t even bother to turn up…!

Labour and UKIP formed an unholy alliance to block Class War from a candidate hustings on peace and the environment, organised by the Society of Friends.

The Society of Friends had no issue with Class War taking part, but Professor Peter Belton of the UEA decided to take it to the other candidates which could be contacted, to ask if they would agree. It was a revealing move for local democracy.

With an hour to go before the start of the Norwich South hustings in Friends Meeting House, Norwich, Clive Lewis (Labour) and Steve Emmens (UKIP) said no to Class War joining the panel. Simon Wright of the Lib Dems said yes, and the Green candidate Lesley Grahame, did not respond before the hustings began. On a decision of two party candidates to one, Class War was barred.

The conservatives had already dropped out. Shockingly and to everyone’s surprise, including the Society of Friends, Labour then joined them, empty chairing the hustings at the last minute.

David Peel said:

“Labour blocking Class War is anti-democratic and silenced the one candidate that talks straight about Labour cuts and austerity. Then not even bothering to turn up is the ultimate disrespect to the audience and all of the candidates who did.

“The impromptu hustings coalition with UKIP, mirrored as it is locally by Labour UKIP running austerity budgets at Norfolk County Council, shows they are running scared of Class War. The disgusting bestiality jokes about there being little chance of Labour losing Norwich South have also stopped. Class War has put an end to Labour’s arrogant complacency.

“Hustings audiences are also finding themselves increasingly lost in a political maze of Labour’s making. The confusing candidate strategy of disagreeing with Labour on some policies and agreeing with Labour on others has turned off audiences.

“Now even the candidate appears unable to remember – the reported latest public evasion “wait and see how I will vote” when confronted by legitimate questions like “how would you vote on TTIP which could destroy our NHS” is surely wrong.

Peel added:

“Labour and UKP feared the thought of Class War engaging with an articulate audience in a determined criticism of Labour’s imperialist foreign policy, its betrayal of the Palestinians, and its support for Zionism. Labour and UKIP feared Class War’s trenchant views on protecting the environment, scrapping Trident, and nuclear power.”

Peel said Class War expected more discrimination against the Party before the election was over.

“I am proud anti racist and anti fascist. I was a founder member of We Are Norwich which galvanised our city and sent the EDL packing. I will run for the working class and speak out. Labour and UKIP might ban us from hustings, but they can’t ban us from the streets of Norwich South, or from talking politics with our class.

“Vote Class War to end this system of murder and austerity, poverty and starvation, hatred, slander and division.”

Class War candidate plans to canvass Buckingham Palace staff

CW Buck Palace

Class War’s candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster, Adam Clifford, will be knocking on the front door of Buckingham Palace next week to inspire revolt against the monarchy within the Queen’s staff.

Class War’s six-point manifesto demands the abolition of the monarchy.

Bring back the gallows and the block to the Tower of London! Free the people from these royal parasites!