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Article by Class War’s Ian Bone, originally published by Strike! magazine



Dr. Julian Lewis (New Forest, East): “In supporting what has been said, both by my senior colleagues and by the Liberal Democrat spokesman, I should like to give a brief illustration, which goes back to south Wales in the 1960s and 1970s. In Swansea, an active anarchist, Mr. Ian David Bone, used to describe himself on the ballot paper as the ‘Community control, yo ho ho!’ candidate. That was an effective way of his getting a message across. I do not recall seeing him distribute any literature, probably because he was too anarchic to raise the funds to print any. I favour his having had the latitude so to describe himself. It could have been said that belonging to a political party was against his political principles as an anarchist. I see no disadvantage in allowing independent candidates the extra self-description that the modest amendment would permit them. If the Government intend to resist the amendment, I urge them to be a little more liberal.”

Yes, indeed, this excerpt from Hansard in 1999 shows my candidacy in the Ffynone ward of Swansea Council in 1969 was not the apparent flop of only getting ten votes that it seemed at the time, but instead played a pivotal role in changing electoral law. (more…)

March 4 Lisa – Hang IDS, Saturday 14/3

MEET 12.30 @ Chingford Train Station to march to Tory HQ


In 2015 inequality within the UK is at levels that we have not seen since the height of the industrial revolution, with absolute poverty returning to our poorest and most vulnerable people. It is against this back drop that I have decided to stand in the General Election in Chingford and against IDS for Class War.

I am a working class woman, daughter of a striking Nottingham miner, and an academic. I write, teach and research class inequality, I practice what I preach. IDS calls himself the quiet man, well I am a gobby working class woman.

My aim is to put class politics back into… errr… politics, Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrats all serve the same ideology of the neo-liberal model that serves the elite, rich and establishment. The Greens talk about inequality but do not connect with working class people, and UKIP appear to be the party of protest for ‘the ordinary Britain’ when in reality they are a right wing group of Eurosceptics, with a racist and right wing following led by a public school educated City banker.

Class War-gets peoples attention, the elite and the establishment are afraid of the great unwashed, the angry mob, and the proletariat mass. Class War puts working class politics at the heart of everything that is does, which means it is angry, sweary, and a lot of fun whilst at the same time never forgetting the injustice and the injuries that class prejudice has on working class people.

Vote Class War on May 7th- Tell the Elites, and the Establishment to Fuck Off.


Two of the policy ideas that were agreed yesterday. ‘Keep it Simple’ was the aim and DOUBLE THE DOLE and a MAXIMUM WAGE fit perfectly along with our MANSION TAX. As others go on the defensive Class war says DOUBLE THE DOLE. Other policies discussed were maximum working week of 30 hours – or the 4 hour day – with no pay reduction – paid for by wealth tax and AFFORDABLE HOUSING paid for by Mansion Tax and existing accommodation made available by exit from inner cities of fleeing gentrifiers unable to pay Mansion tax. City centres re-occupied by the working class.

Removal of beer tax in independently owned pubs
Maximum price limit on football tickets
Rural land reform – seizure of large estates from the landed gentry
Immediate amnesty on Payday loans

All policy ideas for discussion over next three months before adoption at Class War conference in May.