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Ongoing Week of Action September 4-10 by Disabled People Against Cuts #RightsNotGames

@Dis_PPL_Protest #RightsNotGames

@Dis_PPL_Protest #RightsNotGames

UPDATE 6 SEPTEMBER 2016: Direct action taking place across the country as people protest against austerity cuts to disability rights and independence, the capricious cruelties of Work Capability Assessments by over-worked under-skilled private profiteering companies focusing on clearing backlogs rather than making fair assessments of ability. Fight the cuts!

At the end of last year the UK became the first country in the world to be investigated by the United Nations for grave and systematic violations of Disabled people’s rights. (more…)

End the murderous benefit sanctions regime in Norwich

davidpeelClass War has called for “sabotage and subversion” by Jobcentre staff to bring the sanctions regime to collapse because it is wrecking peoples lives and is leading to premature deaths of claimants.

Norwich South Candidate David Peel was only one of two candidates who turned up to support all of the well-attended protest outside Norwich Jobcentre yesterday.

He spoke at the protest, and attacked Norwich Jobcentre’s unenviable record as being in the top 30% of jobcentres in the country to issue the most sanctions against the vulnerable, those without work and those with mental and physical disabilities.

Peel said: “It’s time to end benefit sanctions, because benefit sanctions kill disabled people. Norwich Jobcentre managers and staff should hold their heads in shame at this unenviable record.

“When you sanction someone for being for example, a few minutes late to an interview at the Jobcentre, you condemn your fellow human being to searching bins for food, living on friends floors or worse, and to begging and borrowing to keep themselves and their families going.

“Who could blame you for stealing food or whatever you need. Class War will never condemn our class for taking what it needs when forced into poverty by this sick system of capitalism.

“Its a sick sanctions regime in a sick system, and I call on staff in the jobcentre to sabotage and subvert the sanctions regime until it collapses.”

Mick Hardy, Independent (Norwich North) from the Dandy Party turned up outside the Jobcentre, as did a Green’s local candidate, and deserves praise for that.

Class War attended with a large contingent, alongside DPAC and Equal Lives, and Norwich Claimants Union which organised or attended the event.

Peel said: “We will continue to raise the issues that matter to the working class, like the Independent Living Fund, Work Capability Assessments, as well as the murderous sanctions regime. We will not be silenced.”