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Bannergate: Cops bungle over wankers


BREAKING NEWS: Cops don’t know…

This is getting dafter and dafter: (from the Police. They typed it all by themselves).

Mr (x), I have been asked to contact you to explain that we will not be reporting the destruction of your banner as a crime. The property store have mistakenly destroyed the banner, and so there is no criminal intent. As has been explained to you by PC Reihill you can continue to make a complaint, and I have included how to do this below. (more…)

The Poster the London Property Barons Want to Ban




Today Class War’s Lisa Mckenzie was charged with public order offences for carrying this poster outside a building in which 29-year-old Texan billionaire Taylor McWilliams was supping champagne – a building that has separate entrances for people of different classes.

Today the Metropolitan Police upped the ante in the class war by the rich against the rest. Today they are censoring and intimidating the voices of the working-class on behalf of plutocrats. It’s the week when the Tories pledged to tear up what little human rights we have, the week when Theresa May announced all opponents of this corrupt political system would be chased down as “domestic extremists”.

The attack on Lisa Mckenzie’s freedom of speech is an injury to all. Class War calls for resistance against the rich and their agents.

Class War will be at the State Opening of Parliament on 27 May, ready to send a message to the ruling class: your time is up!

Check the Calendar for upcoming events, see Class War messing about on Facebook here, or on Twitter here @ClassWar2015

Texan Billionaire Friend of Royalty Targets Class War

11035686_1709846649242805_2778272594580546354_oLisa Mckenzie, Class War’s former parliamentary candidate for Iain Duncan Smith’s Chingford seat, was today charged with three public order offences for allegedly causing offence to a Texan property tycoon and friend of Prince Harry.

Lisa was arrested by Bethnal Green police on 2 April for allegedly putting a sticker on a window at One Commercial Street and holding up a poster of a graveyard with the slogan “We have found homes for the rich” – a poster that has been used by Class War for over 30 years. The offences were alleged to have taken place on 19 March. The garbled charge sheet was riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

One Commercial Street, which is owned by 29-year-old billionaire socialite Taylor McWilliams, has been the focus of a long-standing “Poor Doors” against social segregation in housing. McWilliams bought the building from Redrow late last year.

In the weeks before charging her, police made numerous visits to her home and frequently changed her bail date, which has resulting in serious disruption to her work as an LSE academic.

She said: “This is a clear attempt to stop protests against the social cleansing of London. Billionaire property developers exercising their muscle through the metropolitan police to stop and silence those of us who fight against social cleansing and social apartheid.” (more…)

Police Intimidation of Class War Exposed in Court

jane free

The case against Class War Women’s Death Brigade Member Jane Nicholl collapsed in chaos today as the police case against her was thrown out due to lack of evidence. Outside the court, Class War supporters cheered the result and chanted “losers” as the cops left the building, their heads hanging in embarrassment.

Jane was arrested on Guy Fawkes Night last year for allegedly setting fire to an effigy of Boris Johnson at the Poor Doors protest in Aldgate, London. Today, the police claimed the CCTV evidence against her was broken, even as they attempted to push charges of arson with intent to endanger life – an offence that carries a life sentence.

There was added drama when it was revealed that the police fabricated evidence, which the prosecution lawyer refused to use in the case due to its unreliability and the risk of perjury. The police claimed that their lives were in danger, but evidence showed them relaxed and unthreatened by the burning effigy.

The Magistrate agreed that burning Boris was a matter of freedom of speech. Class War have established in law that we have a right to burn the effigies of our oppressors.

jane cool

Is This the Most Dangerous Banner in Britain?

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 Is This the Most Dangerous Banner in Britain?

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Millions were wringing their hands this week in anxiety over the fate of BBC motormouth Jeremy Clarkson. Meanwhile, on the streets of East London on Thursday night the police were cracking down on Class War‘s sweary summing up of popular sentiment towards our political leaders, to complete indifference of the media. The contrast reveals a lot about the state of human rights in Britain.

The police claimed that the group’s “All Fucking Wankers” banner, on display at its weekly Poor Doors protest in Aldgate, had distressed the public and violated the Public Order Act. A protester was arrested for holding onto the banner, which was confiscated and taken to Paddington Green, the notorious police station where terrorist suspects are interrogated. (more…)


High drama at the Poor Doors protest tonight.

A comrade was arrested for standing beside a banner with a swear word on it.

One Commercial Street.

One Banner confiscated.

One Arrest.


Allegedly being held in the counter-terrorism suite of Paddington Green police station……for standing near a swear word!?



…..and this is the banner they feared and confiscated……


Poor Doors on Radio 4

Radio 4’s Today programme covers the Poor Doors protest at One Commercial Street.

Taylor McWilliams (the wealthy Texan owner of One Commercial Street) claimed the building would have to be destroyed for there to be access to the social housing from the Rich Doors. This is bullshit as members of Class War have seen the adjoining doors inside the building that could be easily unlocked in a matter of minutes. In addition a resident states, in the Today programme, he gets a bollocking when he uses the posh lifts when the Titanic style class dividing doors are left open.

segregationdoor(Class War’s candidate for Chingford Lisa McKenzie ( viewing the segregation door inside One Commercial Street.)

Pressure is building on the orange tanned property magnate as today an elderly and disabled resident gives testimony on LBC of the distressing treatment of residents on the poor side of One Commercial Street. Listen here The show was in reaction to a report newly published stating Poor Doors should be banned. Read more here


taylor-mcwilliams-chelsy-davyYes, that’s Prince Harry’s ex. Not content with just implementing a Dickensian style class segregation he feels he needs royal cast offs to be accepted into London’s high society.