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National demo against Philip Green’s TopShop, 14th May


The UVW – a new kind of guerrilla fighting union… While the trade union behemoths spend their time passing motions – ahem – and flogging porcelain figurines to their members, another kind of union altogether has been emerging on the streets of London. While Len McCluskey has been promising an autumn /winter/ spring/ summer of discontent – without delivering even a week – for the past decade the UVW has been delivering discontent by the bucketload on the streets and inside the bosses businesses…


Dear Middle-Class Cunts…

dalston vibe cunts

A text circulated recently by a Londoner as a critique on the Dalston ‘Vibe’ development:

Dear Middle-Class Cunts… A lot of you are genuinely non-plussed at the hostility you face when you move into a working-class neighbourhood.

‘But we bring much-needed investment, contribute to the economy, employ local labour, and diversify the community!’ – you cry as you move into your new Georgian conversion, buy-to-let another council flat for your kids, or invest in a shiny new development built on the demolished housing estate of people you’ve never met. (more…)

Texan Billionaire Friend of Royalty Targets Class War

11035686_1709846649242805_2778272594580546354_oLisa Mckenzie, Class War’s former parliamentary candidate for Iain Duncan Smith’s Chingford seat, was today charged with three public order offences for allegedly causing offence to a Texan property tycoon and friend of Prince Harry.

Lisa was arrested by Bethnal Green police on 2 April for allegedly putting a sticker on a window at One Commercial Street and holding up a poster of a graveyard with the slogan “We have found homes for the rich” – a poster that has been used by Class War for over 30 years. The offences were alleged to have taken place on 19 March. The garbled charge sheet was riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

One Commercial Street, which is owned by 29-year-old billionaire socialite Taylor McWilliams, has been the focus of a long-standing “Poor Doors” against social segregation in housing. McWilliams bought the building from Redrow late last year.

In the weeks before charging her, police made numerous visits to her home and frequently changed her bail date, which has resulting in serious disruption to her work as an LSE academic.

She said: “This is a clear attempt to stop protests against the social cleansing of London. Billionaire property developers exercising their muscle through the metropolitan police to stop and silence those of us who fight against social cleansing and social apartheid.” (more…)


High drama at the Poor Doors protest tonight.

A comrade was arrested for standing beside a banner with a swear word on it.

One Commercial Street.

One Banner confiscated.

One Arrest.


Allegedly being held in the counter-terrorism suite of Paddington Green police station……for standing near a swear word!?



…..and this is the banner they feared and confiscated……


We must bare our buttocks outside the Emporiums where the wealthy shop, March 2015

Last Saturday, feeling glum at the way Soho is being ruined by the Mayfair set, a couple of Class Warriors took the battle to their heartland: Bond Street. Jimmy Kunt went on the warpath, shouting ‘Get rid of the rich!’, mooning at wealthy shoppers, taking the piss out of their stuck-up respectability and generally putting them off their brunch.


Poor Doors on Radio 4

Radio 4’s Today programme covers the Poor Doors protest at One Commercial Street.

Taylor McWilliams (the wealthy Texan owner of One Commercial Street) claimed the building would have to be destroyed for there to be access to the social housing from the Rich Doors. This is bullshit as members of Class War have seen the adjoining doors inside the building that could be easily unlocked in a matter of minutes. In addition a resident states, in the Today programme, he gets a bollocking when he uses the posh lifts when the Titanic style class dividing doors are left open.

segregationdoor(Class War’s candidate for Chingford Lisa McKenzie ( viewing the segregation door inside One Commercial Street.)

Pressure is building on the orange tanned property magnate as today an elderly and disabled resident gives testimony on LBC of the distressing treatment of residents on the poor side of One Commercial Street. Listen here The show was in reaction to a report newly published stating Poor Doors should be banned. Read more here


taylor-mcwilliams-chelsy-davyYes, that’s Prince Harry’s ex. Not content with just implementing a Dickensian style class segregation he feels he needs royal cast offs to be accepted into London’s high society.

PRESS RELEASE: London’s longest running protest is under threat from the Met


For more information contact

The weekly Poor Doors protests outside No.1 Commercial Street in Aldgate have been ongoing over the past eight months. But last Thursday, organisers Class War were told to remove their banner featuring the four major party leaders with ‘ALL FUCKING WANKERS’ slogan underneath or face arrest.

Although eager to carry out arrests over the banner, Met backed down in apparent confusion over the legalities. The clash between the Met’s reliance on public order legislation against protests and the protesters’ on European rights rulings means the outcome will have far reaching implications for protest. The Met allege the banner was offensive but despite canvassing passers by could not find anyone other than themselves who were offended – a requirement under the legislation.

Class War’s Ian Bone said: “The Met morality appears stuck in a 1960s Lady Chattersley’s Lover era – where offence is taken on behalf of one’s servants. Do they have a remit on English language usage?

“Only four years ago a photographer was acquitted after cops raided his house of a Class War ‘Cameron wanker’ poster in the window. More recently a judge ruled that swearing at a policeman was not a crime because they heard it so often.

“We like swearing and swear that we will continue to swear in public….at policemen. Defend swearing. Tell the cops to fuck off!”

Class War argue that Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act give them the right to display the banner in a public place. Case law pertaining to section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 also suggests that use of swear words alone is insufficient reason to arrest. See Harvey v Director of Public Prosecutions [2011] All ER (D) 143 (Nov).





Uber rich Texan aristocrat and property developer Taylor McWilliams (AKA DJ Junctional Funky (AKA Ten Gallon Texan Twat)) has ignored the opinions of residents on both sides of the building and has maintained the segregation between rich and poor.

In other news developers at One Tower Bridge are now going to deny access to their garden to poor residents. (

We think this is bollocks. March with us and defy the police who are trying to charge us to protest.

Fuck the Rich Doors.

Fuck Taylor McWilliams.

Fuck the Rich Gardens.

….and Fuck the police!