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Class War has called an end to its truce over the segregated doors at No.1 Commercial street after talks today with new owner Taylor McWilliams lasted only a bitter ten minutes. McWilliams offered only cosmetic changes – i’ll repair the lifts and mend the poor doors – before CW walked out informing him that future actions would last for ‘ as long as it takes’.
‘What do you want me to do’ asked McWilliams ‘ pull the place down?’
‘We are not in the least afraid of ruins’ came the reply.

 Prince Harry’s playboy chum forcing segregated doors on the poor. Ten-Gallon Texan Twat, TAYLOR McWLLIAMS…..owner of NO.1 Commercial street
pictured with girlfriend Chelsy Davy

January 2015: Join Class War’s walking tour: “Rich London”

Class War guided walking tour Jan. 22nd 2-4pm ‘RICH LONDON’
The tour will start at the RITZ and head up BOND STREET where there will be opportunities to window shop, try on diamond rings, take part in a Sothebys auction, greet friendly oligarchs and applaud the trickle down wealth they bring. Watch out for one of our experienced guides.
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Class War wins Round One In Poor Doors battle


The new owners of No 1 Commercial Street in Aldgate East, London have agreed to hold talks over ending the use of segregated entrances at its tower block of flats.

It comes after 19 weeks of noisy and good humoured protests by the working class action group Class War.

The move by the under-pressure owners could herald the end of separate rich and poor doors in housing developments across the capital and UK.

It follows an historic first meeting between Class War and Taylor McWilliams, the executive director of Hondo Enterprises.

Previous owners Redrow quit the development after Class War’s weekly campaign against this class apartheid in East London. (more…)

Class War Against London’s Housing Elite

By Daniel Brett, original article here

Class War beats a battle cry outside the East End’s “Rich Door”

Living in Bow in the Nineties, just one skyscraper dominated the skyline: ONE Canada Square in Canary Wharf. I would see it when I went to bed every night and when I woke up in the morning. With steam pouring from its air conditioning ducts through the night like some steam punk dragon, it winked knowingly at the council estates it towered over. It knew there was worse to come. (more…)