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UberEATS & Deliveroo Update: Its not over by far!

From IWGB Couriers & Logistics Branch


Since August 17th, Deliveroo have been trialling the piece rate scheme in CKT (Camden & Kentish Town), BEL (Belsize) and HAM (Hampstead), paying drivers £3.75/delivery. Deliveroo have been paying hourly guarantees for peak times only, and these are due to end on September 14th.

Although it’s called a “trial”, this new pay scheme is effectively a brutal pay cut, as drivers find they can’t afford to work for £0/hour when there are no deliveries. This is Deliveroo’s way of cutting people’s hours, and cutting people pay…

Full article here @ IWGB Couriers & Logistics Branch

UberEATS: Reinstate Imran! Maintain the campaign for #LivingWage


Deactivated UberEATS

UPDATE 13 SEPT 2016 from IWGB: “The awful situation with UberEats pertains to one of their drivers Imran Siddiqui whose account was deactivated, we believe, as a result of protest. He noticed his account was deactivated around lunchtime Friday 26th August (strike day), and has not yet been able to log back in. We call for his immediate reactivation and reinstatement. We believe this is a suspension or sacking without due process, notice or procedure. It is appalling that UberEats can block someone’s means of income at a flick of a switch!” from IWGB (more…)

The restaurant flash mobs will go on until @UberEATS pays a minimum of the #londonlivingwage to its couriers & stops victimising riders!

Negotiations were attempted today between couriers and management, resulting in one of the negotiators being “deactivated” from the Uber network. The delivery workers then decided to visit many of their restaurant customers to explain their actions. The restaurant flash mobs will go on until @UberEATS pays a minimum of the #londonlivingwage to its couriers and stops victimising riders! #uberstrike (more…)

UberEATS wildcat strike for London #LivingWage, Friday 26 August

from United Voices of the World the union


#UberEATSstrike rally Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London

– Couriers strike on Friday to demand London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour plus costs.
– Workers say they cannot live off ‘poverty wages’, and call for an end to considerable disparities in pay for peak and off-peak pay.
– Rates have been cut from £20 per hour in June to £3.30 per delivery or less on a commission-only basis during off-peak hours.
– Drivers will rally on Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London. (more…)

Make your own dinner! Donate to the Deliveroo strike fund instead!

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

Why you should support the #DeliverooStrike?
Freedom and flexibility: the new On-Demand platform economy. Drivers, couriers, cleaners and handymen are now at your beck and call thanks to a host of apps. But what’s it like to work for an On-Demand service? For scooter drivers and cyclists at Deliveroo “freedom and flexibility” means exploitation and exhaustion. And they’ve had enough of it… Find out more and donate here:

Make your own dinner! Donate to the Deliveroo strike fund instead! #Slaveroo #Strikeroo #LivingWage #SickPay


Victory! UVW strike at 100 Wood Street is over!




After 58 days of strike action by the cleaners at 100 Wood Street, UVW is pleased to be able to issue the following statement:

“The dispute at 100 Wood Street between the cleaners, members of United Voices of the World the union, and their employer, Thames Cleaning and Support Services Limited, has now been resolved. As a result we are pleased to announce that all advertised protests have now been cancelled and the picket line at 100 Wood Street has now been lifted.”

This was the longest strike in the history of the City of London and the longest strike by an entirely migrant workforce in the UK.

Thank you everyone for all your amazing support and solidarity! This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

from UVW facebook here

More info on Living Wage struggles here

UVW Union workers threaten hunger strike for #LivingWage


@UVWunion Juan Cantos

4 JULY: Striking cleaner and UVW members have made the commitment to make a hunger strike for the #LivingWage – joined here in solidarity by construction workers blacklisted for being union members, and many other supporters.

This is part of the first all-out strike ever held in the City of London, where cleaners working in bankers’ offices are asking for an extra 90p an hour. (more…)

Ongoing UVW union’s strike action for #LivingWage workers since 8 June @ 100 Wood Street, EC2V 7AN




UPDATED 30 JULY 2016: Brilliant solidarity from the Blacklist Support Group, and the Bakers Union and others with UVW members on strike at 100 Wood Street. Since then we won the living wage (after 43 days on strike!) but the strike, which is the longest strike in the history of the City of London, continues until all the unlawfully sacked cleaners are reinstated.

We’ll be back on the picket line on Monday, 1st August 2016 for day 55! (more…)

Class War Pledges Solidarity with Public Sector Strikers #J10

CLASS WAR Pledges Solidarity to Public Sector Strikers

CLASS WAR salutes the massive numbers of public sector workers striking for a pay rise on Thursday.  The Tory government has waged a war on the working class since coming to power with the help of the Lib Dems in 2010.  This war has included stealing massive amounts of money from public sector workers in the form of pension changes and wage restraint.  The money ‘saved’ has neither cut the public debt nor dealt with the deficit.  Meanwhile we have seen privatisations across the public sector which has effectively moved public money into the hands of those running mega rich corporations.

Striking is one of our weapons in the class war.  (more…)