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Class War at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2016, 29 October

This year will see the Class War crews come together with a stall in the bookfair, and a certainly provocative meeting, 12 noon – 1pm: Is Revolutionary Working Class Politics back on the agenda? Yes, say Lisa McKenzie and Martin Wright, authors, broadcasters and street activists.

“Our class is fed-up, brassed-off, demonised, ridiculed, ignored, marginalised, under bitter attack from right, left and centre…” (more…)

Daily Fail: Anarchists Class War target Foxtons in protest



8 OCTOBER 2016: Class War Women’s Death Brigade SHUT DOWN Foxtons’ main office on Upper Street after three of their agents attacked Jane Nicholl during a peaceful protest (not against them!) a couple of months ago. Foxtons directly condone male violence in this case but it’s also important to remember that the housing crisis, which they are involved in propelling out of control, is a gendered crisis. #parasites

Members of the Class War, a hard-left anarchists group, were seen protesting outside the offices of upmarket estate agents Foxtons in Islington today, 8 October 2016.

Anarchists hold demo outside branch of Foxtons which employed estate agents who brawled with protestors outside Boris Johnson’s house

  • Class War group hold protest outside Foxtons estate agents in Islington
  • The Women’s Death Brigade showed anger after assault charges dropped
  • One woman claims she was left battered and bruised after three estate agents confronted the Class War protesters outside Boris Johnson’s home

Full Daily Fail article here (more…)

Saturday 8 October: Meet 12pm – 2pm Women-only demo against Foxtons estate agents and Police collusion



8 OCTOBER: 12pm- 2pm Foxtons Islington Estate Agents, 355 Upper Street, Islington N1 0PD: This is a call to all women who despise police collusion, corruption and male violence to come and support this protest.

We are not victims! Fuck Foxtons! Fuck the Police! 

Meet at Saturday 8th October 12pm @ Foxtons Islington Estate Agents, 355 Upper Street, Islington N1 0PD

Three estate agents got sacked after they attacked a woman without warning, but now ALL CHARGES have been dropped against them! This is a women-only demo, bring banners and music! (more…)

Down with the facade! Womens Death Brigade have decided the time, 3pm Sunday 19 June



Down with the facade! Womens Death Brigade says its time! 3pm Sunday 19 June

The Jack the Ripper Museum didn’t ask for planning permission for its shop front till AFTER they opened. If it they’d asked before, they’d have revealed that it wasn’t going to be the Museum of the Women of the East End that they’d promised the council.

Anyway, their retrospective planning permission has been refused. So the entire facade has to come off. Volunteers step this way! (more…)

Ripper museum must remove security shutters and signage

26 May 2016: From the usually cuntish Evening Standard here: Anti-Jack the Ripper museum billboard defaced with black paint.

Black paint mars a billboard erected this week for a new exhibition honouring women, which aims to rival the Jack the Ripper museum in the East End.

Graffiti on the poster covers the word “Don’t” in “Don’t go to the Jack the Ripper museum”, obscures a link to a petition calling on the council to revoke its planning permission and masks the site of the exhibition, East End Women: The Real Story.

It is due to open at St George-in-the-East church tomorrow.

The Jack the Ripper museum, which opened last year in Cable Street, was targeted by protesters for “glorifying” the 19th-century serial killer.


Demo against the the Ripper museum, London 21 November 2015

report: “So today, despite the fucking freezing weather, 30 of us went to the Ripper Museum. Edgecumbe had appointed his partner Julian Pino (Penis) to be front of house. Therefore lots of anger and abuse as he was the one wot dressed up as the Ripper on Halloween for the selfies. Every time we hurled an insult or banged on the window he dialed 999. We had to open the door several times for the cops to go in and say “but we are the police” we’re here, stop dialing 999. We will be back for another one SATURDAY 5TH DECEMBER 2PM. Be there!”

nov 21st 2015, demo against the Ripper Museum