Class War Pledges Solidarity with Public Sector Strikers #J10

CLASS WAR Pledges Solidarity to Public Sector Strikers

CLASS WAR salutes the massive numbers of public sector workers striking for a pay rise on Thursday.  The Tory government has waged a war on the working class since coming to power with the help of the Lib Dems in 2010.  This war has included stealing massive amounts of money from public sector workers in the form of pension changes and wage restraint.  The money ‘saved’ has neither cut the public debt nor dealt with the deficit.  Meanwhile we have seen privatisations across the public sector which has effectively moved public money into the hands of those running mega rich corporations.

Striking is one of our weapons in the class war. 

Frankly there has not been enough of it due to the timid nature of union leadership.  This is a leadership which actively fights for a Labour government.  We know that Labour will not fight for workers when they get into power.  The strike on Thursday must be a new beginning.  Workers must use Thursday not just to help defeat the bosses but also forge new links and organise in a fashion which can force further strikes even in the face of opposition from the Labour supporting union tops, who will sell their class out for power.  Further action should be bold and imaginative.  We should seek occupations and an all-out continuous strike as soon as possible.

We urge all workers to get behind these strikes.  Those in the private sector have a role to play.  Do not cross picket lines.  Do not teach your kids to cross picket lines – spend the day teaching them about class struggle.  CLASS WAR encourages private sector workers to indulge in sabotage!  It’s a day to go slow or call in sick.  It’s a day to do as little as possible.  Talk to your fellow workers and see if you can organise where you work so you too can fight against capital!  You create the wealth, it’s time you controlled it.  If possible, everyone should get to a picket line and pledge support in person.

We will see you on the picket lines and from there the barricades!

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