The Filth


FILTH: from an anonymous comrade

The Filth
‘Some officers, acting undercover whilst seeking to infiltrate protest groups, entered into long-term intimate sexual relationships with women which were abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong. These relationships were a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma. I unreservedly apologise on behalf of the Metropolitan police service.’
– Martin Hewitt, Assistant Commissioner (November 2015)

Some call you Old Bill
And some call you Bobbies
And some call you Coppers
And some call you the Busies
And some call you Pigs
And some call you much worse
But we call you what you are
We call you the Filth
We call you the Filth
Cause Filth is what you are
Sociopaths and sadists
Lying scum and rapists.

How’d you like it, fucker,
If I seduced your daughter?
Told her that I loved her,
Won her trust and fucked her?
Got her up the duff, then
Told her I was undercover?
Knocked her up and left her
With a rapist’s kid inside her?
Then got a commissioner
To ‘apologise’ to her?
Too scared to even face her
You piece of shit copper.


Small dick playground bullies
Thick as shit and grasses
Unloved by your mothers
Beaten by your fathers
Couldn’t pull a girl at school
Couldn’t buy a friend in life
Trained dogs for your masters
Betrayers of your class
You’re the single greatest reason
We’ve never had a revolution
Traitors to your people
You’re the real ‘enemy within’.

Thatcher’s strike breakers
Cameron’s riot makers
Cowards in body armour
Tools in balaclavas
Wielding batons and tasers
Hiding behind shields and dogs
CS gas sprayed in the eyes
Of the smart kids you despise
IC3 means ‘shoot the nigger!’
To your itchy trigger fingers
Murderers and racists
A gang no law can touch.

But these are just details
We know just what you are
We’ve said it already
We’ll say it once again
Some call you the Rozzers
Some ‘Our Boys in Blue’
Some call you PC Plod
Some call you the Fuzz
Some call you Bacon
And some call you worse
But we know what you are
You’re dirty stinking Filth
Filth is what we call you
Cause Filth is what you are.

from an anonymous comrade

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