From 8am, 21 July: Food not Bosses! Solidarity breakfast with UVW cleaners on all-out strike @ 100 Wood Street EC2V 7AN

@UVWunion food not bosses

@UVWunion food not bosses

From 8am 21 July Food not Bosses Solidarity breakfast with striking cleaners demanding the #livingwage at 100 Wood Street, London EC2V 7AN. “The cleaners at 100 Wood Street have been on all out strike since 8th June 2016, so Food not Bosses will fall on their 44th day of their all out strike…”

from: Facebook event here

“Food Not Bosses” is inspired by the work of Food Not Bombs groups (in the USA and now in London) who have showed solidarity by bringing food to union picket lines of striking workers.

The cleaners at 100 Wood Street have been on all out strike since 8th June 2016, so Food not Bosses will fall on their 44th day of their all out strike.

100 Wood Street is an office block in the heart of the City of London owned by Amancio Ortega, the richest man in Europe and second richest man in the world. It is managed by CBRE, a Fortune 500 commercial real estate, and is home to JP Morgan, Schroders and other financial giants.

Despite all of this wealth the cleaners are still denied their basic rights and are paid poverty wages. All they are asking for is a living wage and for the cleaners which were unlawfully sacked to be reinstated.

North London Food Not Bombs branch is dedicated to taking action around issues of capitalism, food waste, poverty, hunger and militarism that have become normalised and go unquestioned in our society, as well as supporting local activist and community groups in their intersecting struggles for social justice. We take positive direct action by gathering food that would otherwise be wasted, cooking it and serving it for free in public to anyone and everyone who is hungry.

We believe that sharing free food without restriction and expectations, and working in solidarity with those who we share our food with, is a revolutionary act in a culture that is devoted to profit and consumerism.



Ongoing UVW union’s indefinite strike action for #LivingWage workers from 8 June @ 100 Wood Street, EC2V 7AN

UVW Union workers threaten hunger strike for #LivingWage








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