March 4 Lisa – Hang IDS, Saturday 14/3

MEET 12.30 @ Chingford Train Station to march to Tory HQ


In 2015 inequality within the UK is at levels that we have not seen since the height of the industrial revolution, with absolute poverty returning to our poorest and most vulnerable people. It is against this back drop that I have decided to stand in the General Election in Chingford and against IDS for Class War.

I am a working class woman, daughter of a striking Nottingham miner, and an academic. I write, teach and research class inequality, I practice what I preach. IDS calls himself the quiet man, well I am a gobby working class woman.

My aim is to put class politics back into… errr… politics, Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrats all serve the same ideology of the neo-liberal model that serves the elite, rich and establishment. The Greens talk about inequality but do not connect with working class people, and UKIP appear to be the party of protest for ‘the ordinary Britain’ when in reality they are a right wing group of Eurosceptics, with a racist and right wing following led by a public school educated City banker.

Class War-gets peoples attention, the elite and the establishment are afraid of the great unwashed, the angry mob, and the proletariat mass. Class War puts working class politics at the heart of everything that is does, which means it is angry, sweary, and a lot of fun whilst at the same time never forgetting the injustice and the injuries that class prejudice has on working class people.

Vote Class War on May 7th- Tell the Elites, and the Establishment to Fuck Off.

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