Down to Margate! Don’t forget your fuck-its and spades, 22 October



Down to Margate! Fuck the fascist White Lives Matter march – 22 October

“The fascist ‘White Lives Matter’ (WLM) march in Margate on 22 October will attempt to stir up racial tension in our town. The group behind this march are the Neo Nazi South East Alliance (SEA) and others…”

Blatantly re-posted from London Antifascists: “OCTOBER 11: Our Cable Street celebration demo was a massive success. It brought in hundreds of militant antifascists from across the country in unity and comradeship in a show of strength against fascism. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every group that attended, ever person not affiliated and all the other organisations involved in planning the day.

We decided that it we would call to support this demonstration because Cable Street and anti-fascist victories like Cable Street is the kind of anti-fascism that our group tries to emulate.

It was opposed to the state that was trying to smash a path for the fascists and it was rooted in the forces of the working class. This has always been our approach to anti-fascism and its an approach that some have lost along the way.

Remembering Cable Street means supporting any activity that would hinder fascist recruitment or growth. It means supporting comrades that have been arrested or are in prison for anti-fascism.

It means never relying on the power of the state to stop the fascists and if necessary opposing the state to stop fascists.

Finally, it means rooting your anti-fascism in the struggle for a better world for working people, not in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

These are the lessons from Cable Street and other victories like it and the things that any anti-fascist movement should embody.

The fascist threat today is small due to the hard work of anti-fascists everywhere but it is not gone. At London Anti-Fascists we do not believe in waiting for fascism to grow before we combat it, join us in facing it down today so we don’t leave it to the next generation tomorrow.

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