Poor Doors on Radio 4

Radio 4’s Today programme covers the Poor Doors protest at One Commercial Street.

Taylor McWilliams (the wealthy Texan owner of One Commercial Street) claimed the building would have to be destroyed for there to be access to the social housing from the Rich Doors. This is bullshit as members of Class War have seen the adjoining doors inside the building that could be easily unlocked in a matter of minutes. In addition a resident states, in the Today programme, he gets a bollocking when he uses the posh lifts when the Titanic style class dividing doors are left open.

segregationdoor(Class War’s candidate for Chingford Lisa McKenzie (http://lisa4chingford.org/) viewing the segregation door inside One Commercial Street.)

Pressure is building on the orange tanned property magnate as today an elderly and disabled resident gives testimony on LBC of the distressing treatment of residents on the poor side of One Commercial Street. Listen here http://www.lbc.co.uk/this-is-why-poor-doors-must-be-banned-106118. The show was in reaction to a report newly published stating Poor Doors should be banned. Read more here http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/dickensian-poor-doors-separating-wealthy-tenants-should-be-banned-says-commission-10094639.html


taylor-mcwilliams-chelsy-davyYes, that’s Prince Harry’s ex. Not content with just implementing a Dickensian style class segregation he feels he needs royal cast offs to be accepted into London’s high society.

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