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“UPDATE: Deliveroo is victimizing one of our key activists: Ben Geraghty. Ben has been working for Deliveroo for over a year and has been at the forefront of the IWGB’s attempts to gain union recognition through the courts in order to achieve “worker” status for Deliveroo drivers as well as win the first collective bargaining agreement in the so-called “gig economy”. As part of this Ben has led a number of recruitment stalls in Camden where we have been signing up Deliveroo workers to the union and getting drivers to sign a petition stating they support union recognition of the IWGB…”


On Monday, 5 December, 2016 Ben received an email from David Scott, the same Deliveroo manager who is handling Deliveroo’s response to the tribunal claim, saying that Deliveroo was investigating an “incident” (the incident was Ben riding a co-worker’s cargo bike up and down the block once, with the co-worker’s permission).

Interestingly, the “incident” took place at an IWGB recruitment stall. (See the email below). The next day Ben tried to get work shifts at Deliveroo and was told there was no work currently available for him before Christmas. However it has come to our attention that Deliveroo has terminated Ben’s contract without even telling him – see the picture from Deliveroo’s internal system here.

This is trade union victimisation pure and simple and the IWGB will not tolerate it.

We need your help. We are a small union with little resources. We need to run an office, cover admin costs and to continue to support people like Ben. But we need your help. Please give whatever you can afford.

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