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A nightmare sang in Berkeley Square: Call out for 12v mobile sound systems for noise demo against property developer scum bash, 14 June


A nightmare sang in Berkeley Square

What we need for June 14th is something their marquees and security guards can’t block out – NOISE – all afternoon- vuvuzelas. klaxons, drums, air horns, megaphones, bells… anything loud and discordant. Like Kenny Loggins…

This is a call-out for anyone who can make noise from 1pm on 14 June 2016 at Berkeley Square, London W1J. We really need some 12 volt sound systems to make some proper noise, just turn up, bring the noiz!

Remember the CIA drug-dealing Panamanian president Noriega the US Army flushed out by playing very loud music non-stop for days in 1989 – they’ll be begging for mercy by 5pm on June 14th – staggering pitifully with bleeding ears, to our laughter and contempt. Think original but any BIG BIG Noise! (more…)