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Police Intimidation of Class War Exposed in Court

jane free

The case against Class War Women’s Death Brigade Member Jane Nicholl collapsed in chaos today as the police case against her was thrown out due to lack of evidence. Outside the court, Class War supporters cheered the result and chanted “losers” as the cops left the building, their heads hanging in embarrassment.

Jane was arrested on Guy Fawkes Night last year for allegedly setting fire to an effigy of Boris Johnson at the Poor Doors protest in Aldgate, London. Today, the police claimed the CCTV evidence against her was broken, even as they attempted to push charges of arson with intent to endanger life – an offence that carries a life sentence.

There was added drama when it was revealed that the police fabricated evidence, which the prosecution lawyer refused to use in the case due to its unreliability and the risk of perjury. The police claimed that their lives were in danger, but evidence showed them relaxed and unthreatened by the burning effigy.

The Magistrate agreed that burning Boris was a matter of freedom of speech. Class War have established in law that we have a right to burn the effigies of our oppressors.

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Red Pepper speaks to Lisa McKenzie, the candidate taking Class War to Tory Essex

time4changeThis article was originally published in Red Pepper.

With previous MPs including Winston Churchill, who sent in troops to deal with striking miners in South Wales, and ‘Margaret Thatcher’s bootboy’ Norman Tebbit, the kind of class war that usually goes down well in Chingford, Essex, is anti-organised working class Conservatism. It’s no surprise that the present incumbent is the Tory butcher-in-chief of the welfare system, Iain Duncan Smith, who enjoys a majority of nearly 13,000.

So Lisa McKenzie, contesting the rock-solid Tory seat of Chingford and Woodford Green under the anarchist Class War banner, is not, it’s fair to say, likely to top the polls on 7 May. ‘God, I’d be mortified,’ she confesses. ‘I mean, have you seen that Inside the Commons programme on the telly? I’d be gutted!’ (more…)


High drama at the Poor Doors protest tonight.

A comrade was arrested for standing beside a banner with a swear word on it.

One Commercial Street.

One Banner confiscated.

One Arrest.


Allegedly being held in the counter-terrorism suite of Paddington Green police station……for standing near a swear word!?



…..and this is the banner they feared and confiscated……


We must bare our buttocks outside the Emporiums where the wealthy shop, March 2015

Last Saturday, feeling glum at the way Soho is being ruined by the Mayfair set, a couple of Class Warriors took the battle to their heartland: Bond Street. Jimmy Kunt went on the warpath, shouting ‘Get rid of the rich!’, mooning at wealthy shoppers, taking the piss out of their stuck-up respectability and generally putting them off their brunch.