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22 November, Demo at the Croydon Boxpark social cleansing conference



Demo at the Placemaking Croydon conference – Croydon Boxpark (near East Croydon station), meet midday East Croydon Station, Tuesday 22 November 2016.

An opportunity too good to miss, with all the villains in one place: housing minister Gavin Barwell, London’s deputy mayor for housing and former Hackney social cleanser Jules Pipe, Croydon Council’s CEO and former Newham social cleanser Jo Negrini – plus a bunch of architects and architecture commentators helping to exile the working class from London. And of course – who else? – SAVILLS! (more…)

Why protest at the London Real Estate Forum? June 14



1pm, Tuesday, 14 June, Berkeley Square, Mayfair: Come and see where the Tory Government’s Housing and Planning Act shakes hands with London Labour Councils, as local authorities sell off the land our council estates stand on to the highest bidders in London’s booming real estate market.

This is a call-out for anyone who can make noise from 1pm on 14 June 2016 at Berkeley Square, London W1J. We really need some 12 volt sound systems to make some proper noise, just turn up, bring the noiz!

The London Real Estate Forum is open from 9-5 in the heart of Mayfair, home to the filthy rich tax-avoiding bastards that are turning London into an investment opportunity for offshore capital. Their security gimps may be able to lock us out, but they can’t shut us up. (more…)




 Alexander “Boris” de Pfeffel Johnson swigging champagne

Class War’s candidate John Biggar has been making excellent progress in Croydon South including panicking sitting MP into calling the riot squad when he showed up to his surgery with some pensioners.

NOW BORIS JOHNSON – who was rumoured to covet the seat – has been dispatched to halt the Biggar advance. JONHSON WILL BE SPEAKING AT SELSDON HALL ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK – LETS HAVE A BIG TURNOUT TO WELCOME THE TORY TOSSER.