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“UPDATE: Deliveroo is victimizing one of our key activists: Ben Geraghty. Ben has been working for Deliveroo for over a year and has been at the forefront of the IWGB’s attempts to gain union recognition through the courts in order to achieve “worker” status for Deliveroo drivers as well as win the first collective bargaining agreement in the so-called “gig economy”. As part of this Ben has led a number of recruitment stalls in Camden where we have been signing up Deliveroo workers to the union and getting drivers to sign a petition stating they support union recognition of the IWGB…” (more…)

Deliveroo Workers! Rebel Roo bulletin #2

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

This December issue of the Deliveroo Workers’ bulletin contains updates from London, Brighton, Berlin and Italy as well as information on how to get in touch with union-building projects currently being led by the Industrial Workers of the World and the Independent Workers of Great Britain.

Deliveroo workers, a new initiative: Rebel Roo bulletin #2

If you want to get in touch with other workers or distribute paper copies of the Rebel Roo you can get in touch by emailing rebelroouk [at] gmail.com.

You can download the full PDF below.
PDF Rebel Roo #2


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Deliveroo workers, a new initiative: Rebel Roo bulletin #1



From Plan C: “The struggle for decent wages and conditions within the ‘gig economy’ has entered a new phase recently with the Uber court victory and the announcement of a union-building drive by the IWGB amongst Deliveroo workers in London.

The initial energy of the summer’s spontaneous strikes is successfully being converted into long-term campaigns.

As part of this development, the Plan C Social Strike working group is excited to announce today that we are involved in supporting a new initiative: The Rebel Roo, a national bulletin for Deliveroo workers, produced by Deliveroo workers…” full article here

Foodora strikes in Italy: the dark side of the sharing economy


from libcom: Foodora in Italy …It’s been sold for a figure of several tens of million of euros yet Foodora has the typical appeal of a startup: young and friendly international people working in an open space office in Berlin and young students delivering food by bike as an easy side-job.

It landed in Turin as a mirror image of the Berlin base. The managers, all under 30, meet every so often in a co-working space in the city center, are informal and speak using English words. The fleet of couriers are also young, educated, and are paid €5 per hour.

This image started to crack when in August Deliveroo couriers in London went on strike and a month later their counterparts in Paris also protested. The reason was, oversimplifying, that once the company had attracted enough “workers”, pay shifted from a fixed scheme to per-delivery compensation only. (more…)

Tribunal to decide couriers demands for union recognition and rights in UK

Deliveroo cycle courier with his large back box interacts with a stencilled cyclist while out delivering in London, England, United Kingdom. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Deliveroo cycle courier with his large back box interacts with a stencilled cyclist while out delivering in London, England, United Kingdom. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

UPDATE 20 NOV: from IWGB Couriers And Logistics Branch – “On Tuesday 22nd November the biggest tribunal hearing of the year will be under way. We have all been waiting for this moment for the last 3 decades. This is our future and our past, this is where justice will take place. Couriers are going for worker status to gain employment rights. We really want to see many faces in the court room to show how important this really is. Join us at 12:30pm at Victory House, 34 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EX

The case will also be ongoing through the whole week from 10 am-4pm so if you can’t make it on the Tuesday do feel free to pop in at any point for as long as you want… your support will be SO appreciated!”


UberEATS & Deliveroo Update: Its not over by far!

From IWGB Couriers & Logistics Branch


Since August 17th, Deliveroo have been trialling the piece rate scheme in CKT (Camden & Kentish Town), BEL (Belsize) and HAM (Hampstead), paying drivers £3.75/delivery. Deliveroo have been paying hourly guarantees for peak times only, and these are due to end on September 14th.

Although it’s called a “trial”, this new pay scheme is effectively a brutal pay cut, as drivers find they can’t afford to work for £0/hour when there are no deliveries. This is Deliveroo’s way of cutting people’s hours, and cutting people pay…

Full article here @ IWGB Couriers & Logistics Branch

UberEATS: Reinstate Imran! Maintain the campaign for #LivingWage


Deactivated UberEATS

UPDATE 13 SEPT 2016 from IWGB: “The awful situation with UberEats pertains to one of their drivers Imran Siddiqui whose account was deactivated, we believe, as a result of protest. He noticed his account was deactivated around lunchtime Friday 26th August (strike day), and has not yet been able to log back in. We call for his immediate reactivation and reinstatement. We believe this is a suspension or sacking without due process, notice or procedure. It is appalling that UberEats can block someone’s means of income at a flick of a switch!” from IWGB (more…)

UberEATS wildcat strike for London #LivingWage, Friday 26 August

from United Voices of the World the union


#UberEATSstrike rally Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London

– Couriers strike on Friday to demand London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour plus costs.
– Workers say they cannot live off ‘poverty wages’, and call for an end to considerable disparities in pay for peak and off-peak pay.
– Rates have been cut from £20 per hour in June to £3.30 per delivery or less on a commission-only basis during off-peak hours.
– Drivers will rally on Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London. (more…)

Make your own dinner! Donate to the Deliveroo strike fund instead!

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

#Slaveroo #Strikeroo

Why you should support the #DeliverooStrike?
Freedom and flexibility: the new On-Demand platform economy. Drivers, couriers, cleaners and handymen are now at your beck and call thanks to a host of apps. But what’s it like to work for an On-Demand service? For scooter drivers and cyclists at Deliveroo “freedom and flexibility” means exploitation and exhaustion. And they’ve had enough of it… Find out more and donate here: https://t.co/07gb49Bmi4

Make your own dinner! Donate to the Deliveroo strike fund instead! #Slaveroo #Strikeroo #LivingWage #SickPay