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March on Boris Johnson’s house in Islington @ 8pm Friday July 15



Three estate agents sacked for taking on anarchists in mass brawl outside Boris Johnson’s home

UPDATED 13 JULY 2016: Boris Johnson accepts the role of Foreign Secretary under the new Theresa May government. Boris, our senior diplomat, the man whole stole our future. Now we really are all fucked. Do we just grin and bear it, or do we grin and fight back?

Gather at ANGEL TUBE EC1V 1NE at 8pm on Friday July 15th to march to nearby Boris Johnson’s house. When we have surrounded it, we will sing ‘LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE’ IN OUR THOUSANDS.

Bring pitchforks, flaming torches and INCANDESCENT ANGER! Followed by THE DEFENESTRATION OF JOHNSON! (more…)

Shut Osborne’s shitty shop, Wednesday 25 November

shut osborne's shop

shut osborne’s shop

Gideon “George” Osborne, sometime Chancellor of the Exchequer and endless cunt, has a family interest in the shop Osborne & Little, at 304 King’s Road, London SW3 5UH. Meet outside the shop to demonstrate against his cuntishness, 12 midday – 2pm on Wednesday 25 November 2015. Class War invite the masses to shut down this cuntish shop in opposition to the chancellor’s Autumn Statement in Parliament which will involve fucking the poor just that little bit more.

Red Pepper speaks to Lisa McKenzie, the candidate taking Class War to Tory Essex

time4changeThis article was originally published in Red Pepper.

With previous MPs including Winston Churchill, who sent in troops to deal with striking miners in South Wales, and ‘Margaret Thatcher’s bootboy’ Norman Tebbit, the kind of class war that usually goes down well in Chingford, Essex, is anti-organised working class Conservatism. It’s no surprise that the present incumbent is the Tory butcher-in-chief of the welfare system, Iain Duncan Smith, who enjoys a majority of nearly 13,000.

So Lisa McKenzie, contesting the rock-solid Tory seat of Chingford and Woodford Green under the anarchist Class War banner, is not, it’s fair to say, likely to top the polls on 7 May. ‘God, I’d be mortified,’ she confesses. ‘I mean, have you seen that Inside the Commons programme on the telly? I’d be gutted!’ (more…)




 Alexander “Boris” de Pfeffel Johnson swigging champagne

Class War’s candidate John Biggar has been making excellent progress in Croydon South including panicking sitting MP into calling the riot squad when he showed up to his surgery with some pensioners.

NOW BORIS JOHNSON – who was rumoured to covet the seat – has been dispatched to halt the Biggar advance. JONHSON WILL BE SPEAKING AT SELSDON HALL ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK – LETS HAVE A BIG TURNOUT TO WELCOME THE TORY TOSSER.