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Class War at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2016, 29 October

This year will see the Class War crews come together with a stall in the bookfair, and a certainly provocative meeting, 12 noon – 1pm: Is Revolutionary Working Class Politics back on the agenda? Yes, say Lisa McKenzie and Martin Wright, authors, broadcasters and street activists.

“Our class is fed-up, brassed-off, demonised, ridiculed, ignored, marginalised, under bitter attack from right, left and centre…” (more…)

Class War anarchist rally celebrates victory against fascism at Cable Street, 9 October



London, UK. 9th October 2016: Class War felt that the official celebration was failing to reflect the spontaneous and anarchist nature of of the Battle of Cable Street.

They see too many of the speakers representing organisations which had opposed popular resistance on the streets and feel it inappropriate that a march celebrating an event where the people took over the street should walk tamely along the pavements and a cycle lane rather than on the street. We decided to hold an alternative rally in front of the Cable Street mural with local resident Martin Wright giving an address. (more…)

Daily Fail: Anarchists Class War target Foxtons in protest



8 OCTOBER 2016: Class War Women’s Death Brigade SHUT DOWN Foxtons’ main office on Upper Street after three of their agents attacked Jane Nicholl during a peaceful protest (not against them!) a couple of months ago. Foxtons directly condone male violence in this case but it’s also important to remember that the housing crisis, which they are involved in propelling out of control, is a gendered crisis. #parasites

Members of the Class War, a hard-left anarchists group, were seen protesting outside the offices of upmarket estate agents Foxtons in Islington today, 8 October 2016.

Anarchists hold demo outside branch of Foxtons which employed estate agents who brawled with protestors outside Boris Johnson’s house

  • Class War group hold protest outside Foxtons estate agents in Islington
  • The Women’s Death Brigade showed anger after assault charges dropped
  • One woman claims she was left battered and bruised after three estate agents confronted the Class War protesters outside Boris Johnson’s home

Full Daily Fail article here (more…)

Death of a community: The cafes are cleared out of Brixton Station Road


Brixton, 4 October: “The once bustling Brixton Station Road feels a very different place these days, with most of its popular cafes closed down in advance of Network Rail’s hugely unpopular refurbishment plans, which will take up to a year to complete.”

Death of a community: The cafes are cleared out of Brixton Station Road


Death of a community: The cafes are cleared out of Brixton Station Road


Get SaVILLAINS out of Lambeth! Savills closed down 3 offices! July 30


report from facebook: original here on Facebook with pix

“So, today we went to protest at Savills in Northcote Road about their all-too-cosy relationship with Lambeth Council. When we got there, we found it closed, with just a security guard inside. He told us that they weren’t opening today because apparently they were going to be the target of protesters!

We found that they’d not just closed this branch but also the ones in Nightingale Lane and Battersea Park Road – 3 branches closed on a normally busy Saturday! (more…)

UVW Union workers threaten hunger strike for #LivingWage


@UVWunion Juan Cantos

4 JULY: Striking cleaner and UVW members have made the commitment to make a hunger strike for the #LivingWage – joined here in solidarity by construction workers blacklisted for being union members, and many other supporters.

This is part of the first all-out strike ever held in the City of London, where cleaners working in bankers’ offices are asking for an extra 90p an hour. (more…)

March on Boris Johnson’s house in Islington @ 8pm Friday July 15



Three estate agents sacked for taking on anarchists in mass brawl outside Boris Johnson’s home

UPDATED 13 JULY 2016: Boris Johnson accepts the role of Foreign Secretary under the new Theresa May government. Boris, our senior diplomat, the man whole stole our future. Now we really are all fucked. Do we just grin and bear it, or do we grin and fight back?

Gather at ANGEL TUBE EC1V 1NE at 8pm on Friday July 15th to march to nearby Boris Johnson’s house. When we have surrounded it, we will sing ‘LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE’ IN OUR THOUSANDS.

Bring pitchforks, flaming torches and INCANDESCENT ANGER! Followed by THE DEFENESTRATION OF JOHNSON! (more…)

After the Brexit Referendum, Defend Migrant Rights! Altab Ali Park London E1, 6pm 24 June

UPDATE: Great demo last Friday. A few too many speeches before headed off for my liking, but this one from Sisters Uncut was well worth the wait. She had the crowd all ready to roll! Speakers from Sisters Uncut at demonstration for Migrant Rights, Altab Ali Park east London. 24th June 2016.