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The great Class Debate @ the Oxford Union: Lisa McKenzie vs Norman Tebbit, 24 November



This House Believes The Class System is Static Irrespective of Wealth Acquisition

Speakers in Proposition:
Dr Lisa McKenzie – Author and research fellow at LSE specialising in class inequality
Kate Fox – Co-Director of Social Issues Research Centre and social anthropologist

Speakers in Opposition:
Lord Norman Tebbit – Former Chairman of Conservative Party and Employment Secretary
Tim Lott – Author, journalist, broadcaster and weekly columnist for The Guardian’s ‘Family’ section

Start date: 24/11/2016 20:30
Location: The Oxford Union

[Not sure if we can get tickets or if its membership-only. Will keep you informed!]

Fuck war: Battle of the Somme, 100th anniversary of mass murder, 1 July

On 1st July 1916 the mainly British forces attacked and had the shit kicked out of them. The bloodbath lasted 140 days and achieved little, except killing the same number of Germans. It was the largest battle of the First World War on the Western Front; more than one million men were wounded or killed, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history.

This version of the tune (The Farm, All Together Now) was re-released during the build-up to the 1990-1991 Iraq-Kuwait War, and was maybe the most blatant anti-war tune at the time.

We were being told Saddam Hussein had the whatever biggest army on the planet. The whole British army would die and all 18 year olds should start thinking about being called-up.

And then the West bashed the shit out of Iraq in a few days, killed hundreds of thousands, millions, if you include deaths from sanctions.

Fuck war Fuck war Fuck war

Gallery: Life’s more fun with Class War



You can follow the herd. You can carry a mass-produced placard with a useless balsa stick attached. You can march in all weathers, by the thousands. You can listen to the speeches made by people you are sure you heard at the rally at the end of the last Big One. You can then take your coach or train home sure in the knowledge that you achieved… what?

Or, you identify the source of our problems – capitalism and the british class system – and fight back. Life’s more fun with Class War… (more…)

“Fucking Wankers” banner prosecution dismissed as cops prove they are cunts again

Fucking Wankers banner

A student arrested for waving a banner calling politicians “wankers” has been let off as prosecutors dropped a case against him on the eve of his day in court. Adam Barr, 24, who studies at the SOAS in London, was arrested by Tower Hamlets police last April for holding a banner with pictures of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage and the words “All Fucking Wankers”…


The Labour Party, Class War and Ruling Class Fear

november 2015

Watching the Labour Party tear itself apart over a tweet or two is excellent entertainment. The right of the party is reeling from the rise of the Corbynistas and the left are desperately trying to keep control of the party machinery when their MP’s are hostile to change. At the moment Ed Miliband is best remembered for the craze of Milifandom, eating bacon sandwiches really uncomfortably and that Ten Commandments monolith with his already forgotten promises carved in stone. (more…)