UberEATS wildcat strike for London #LivingWage, Friday 26 August

from United Voices of the World the union


#UberEATSstrike rally Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London

– Couriers strike on Friday to demand London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour plus costs.
– Workers say they cannot live off ‘poverty wages’, and call for an end to considerable disparities in pay for peak and off-peak pay.
– Rates have been cut from £20 per hour in June to £3.30 per delivery or less on a commission-only basis during off-peak hours.
– Drivers will rally on Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London.

For the latest reports, see the IWGB Couriers Branch Twitter feed here

Couriers at the UberEATS food delivery firm have declared an all-day wildcat strike on Friday unless the company reverses pay cuts and implements payment rates equivalent to a living wage of £9.40 per hour, plus costs. UberEATS has drastically reduced couriers’ rates since opening in London in June.


The company, which offers no guaranteed minimum income, pays £3.30 per delivery or less during off-peak hours and approximately £6.30 to £7.30 per delivery during peak hours, minus a 25 per cent transaction fee and costs.

Couriers say this pay structure causes vast pay discrepancies between peak and off-peak hours for the same work, and means different drivers are paid unequally for the same hours.

Workers who joined UberEATS on the offer of £20 per hour have been dismayed by this rapid drop to insecure piece rates and are demanding a guaranteed pay equal to the London Living Wage, the minimum required to survive above the poverty line in the capital.

Couriers and supporters will assemble for a strike rally at 14:30 on Friday in Black Swan Yard at Bermondsey Street SE1, in South London… from: https://www.facebook.com/uvwunion/



from facebook: IWGB Couriers And Logistics Branch

Some people are asking why are UBEREATS couriers striking. It’s really simple: pay is pitiful, conditions are awful, and treatment is isolating and humiliating. Just look at this person’s earnings from today below.

It doesn’t include the additional promotion pay, which would take his earnings up to around £41.00, for 7.3hours. That’s roughly £5.62/hour.

Besides the fact that this is well below the National Minimum Wage, and far-off the London Living Wage, and only a fraction of the LLW plus costs; it’s also his take home pay **before** paying for his bike maintenance, clothing, extra food, phone bill (the uber app uses a lot of data), as well as saving up for his own sick pay, holidays, pensions and debt repayments.


Yes, yes it is.
That’s why we need to change it…


#ubereatsstrike #livingwage #shameonyou


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Guardian’s view on it: UberEats drivers plan protest against cuts in pay rate per delivery

For the latest reports, see the IWGB Couriers Branch Twitter feed here

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